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We immensely educate and enlighten you in implementation of ERP Systems to create a systematic functioning in and around the organisation.

Our ERP consultant's execute  hands-on training and run parallel workshops to provide excellence on your path.


We allow and help to cap various IT solutions under one umbrella.

Extension Technologies can integrate all software together and support single user interface to address all communication in real time.


We offer various OTS Enterprise Software application to help automate your Business Processes.

These include implementation of ERP, CRM, HCM, Manufacturing & amp; Project Management tools.

Most of our Enterprise Application offering is Cloud Based fully Integrated Suite of products to
ensure seamless flow of transaction between multiple departments of the organization.

Software Development

Extension Technologies allows smart designing as per your need.

Our ERP developers can do develop custom software & plugins, according to our clients needs & objectives.

Application Maintenance
and Support (AMS)

Extension Technologies works as a developer, integrator and service provider for better execution and implementation to enrich productivity for your organisation.

Through AMS, Our ERP Technical consultants will thoroughly work on application problems to figure out key analysis and support effective path for problem solving.

Cloud Services

Our offering includes cloud-based storage solution for all your Enterprise Cloud Storage Needs. Manage all documents at one place to allow your team to add, edit & manage documents on the go.



Extension Technologies is all about automating your Business needs with the help of technology. We offer various technologies to ensure your Business Processes follow the “Best Practices” modus operandi.

We offer a wide range of Technologies to ensure there is seamless integration between all your business operations. We make use of Software Products, Robotics, AI & Digital Platforms to offer a wide array of solution to all your Business Needs.
Through “Customer centric” and “Focus On Doing” approach we are able to offer Project Delivery
faster than any other company, thereby helping you reduce your TEM – Time, Effort & Money.


At Extension the focus is on Getting Things Done in the most optimal way for both our Clients and our

Our focus is to provide Technological Enhancements to enable your Organization to work seamlessly
irrespective of the geographical location of your team. We are partnered with Cloud Based Solution
providers which automate all your Business Process, and ensure that dependency on Hardware is as
minimum as possible. Our Cloud Based Plug n Play services ensure a quick Implementation Cycle,
providing you with the most Optimum Solution to any Business Scenario.






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